Training 1

We offer a positive approach to training and behavior modification.

Our positive and consistent training methods produce results.  We believe all training starts with a firm foundation of getting your dog’s attention.  We teach owners of all skill levels the ability to train their dogs basic manners, gain control, and build a lifelong partnership.  We encourage clicker training with your best friend and reward good behavior with treats, praise or toy motivators.  We also correct bad behaviors.  We don’t shy away from the hard cases.  We understand how dogs learn and what motivates them.

Private Lessons/Training

Offered at your location or yours within a `5 mile radius and offer a flexible schedule to accommodate you.  First lesson includes 30 minute consultation, thereafter, the rate is per hour.

Prepaid Packages can be formulated to overcome specific problems or training issues.

Whether you have a full schedule, cannot commit to a 6 week class, or your dog has a behavior that is best addressed in a private lesson, we can help!  Private lessons can be scheduled at our place or yours.  We travel up to 15 miles from our facility,

Travel over 15 miles will be charged on a case by case basis.  Private lessons best address a dog who has a behavior problem you feel will not benefit from a group class.  Extremely fearful dogs who lack socialization or reactive dogs who will disrupt a class, or present a danger to other dogs or owners are both better suited to private lessons, at least initially.  Our goal is to eventually include these types of dogs in a group environment once some control and redirection is attained privately, as socialization is a huge part of responsible dog ownership.  We will let you know what kind of time commitment will be necessary to solve the issues to the best of our ability during our initial consultation.

Residential Board & Train Packages

For those who prefer us to train their dog for them.  We know time is not in abundance these days with careers, children, family activities, and other obligations, etc.  We can often teach dogs more quickly, effectively, and with longer lasting results because we understand how dogs think and learn.

Whether its due to a time constraint or lack of ability, we will train your dog for you!  During residential training, we are able to remove dogs from current stimuli and create a productive learning environment.  We teach through consistency, repetition, and reward without outside distractions.  Examples of behaviors we have rehabilitated include dog aggression, fear biters, abuse cases, stool eating, separation anxiety, destructive chewing, obsessions, jumping, chasing cars, leash pulling, excessive barking, crate anxiety, and aggression, even biting.  We start all dogs from the foundation, and use positive methods such as counter condition, redirection, and exercise to solve even the hardest cases.  We know how and when to time discipline to correct promptly and move forward.

We offer 2 week or 4 week residential training for adult dogs here at our facility.  Your dog will be taught a daily routine, get plenty of exercise, learn to be socialized with other dogs, and be worked with on the training program we discuss and tailor to them with your input during our initial consultation.  At the end of the training we will have a lesson with you on what the dog has learned, and how you continue on from there.

Daily Behavioral Sessions

We can take your dog for the day and work with him/her for 1 hour while you are at work, or otherwise engaged with other things.  It is possible to have a trained dog, and a hectic schedule!

We will help you leash train, socialize, housetrain, or correct problem behaviors like jumping, nipping, barking, or pulling on a leash.  Cost includes potty breaks and all day care between the hours of 7am-6pm weekdays.  If your dog is already enrolled here for doggie daycare, an hour long training lesson can be fit into the day by reservation.

Email us to schedule a private 1 hour consultation or to setup a drop off date for a behavioral session.


Group Classes

Group Classes are once again available with social distancing.  Learn in a group environment with other owners at your same skill level.  Your dog will benefit from the social atmosphere and distractions.  You will benefit from the camaraderie between owners, who embrace your struggles and celebrate your success with you.  We create a laid back, friendly environment.

Puppy Kindergarten

Introduction to positive training for puppies under five months at the start of class.

This course focuses primarily on the skills and challenges of raising a puppy e.g. housebreaking, crate training, nipping, chewing, dog behavior, socialization and communication. This class is a wonderful foundation course geared at increasing teamwork and understanding between puppy and owner.  Short sessions of beginner commands will be taught.  Sit, down, place, come, wait, watch me.

Obedience I 

This 6 week course is an introduction to positive training for dogs. This course will provide foundation training including getting your dog’s attention, learn voice and hand signals, sit, down, stay, heel, place, and come when called.  Management skills and problem solving will also be stressed.

Obedience II

This 6 week course builds on your knowledge and skills from Obedience I and is a continuation coarse.  Voice and hand signals, long sits and downs, and begin heeling off leash.  Includes improved leash walking, working amid increasing distractions.  You will teach your dog to respond to signals at a distance.

Prerequisite Obedience I

Obedience III

This 6 week class is for those who love the challenge of training or who wish to go on to competition.  Off leash heeling, stay, down, all with voice commands.

Prerequisite Obedience II

Canine Good Citizen     

In this 8 week class you will learn the skills to develop your canine companion into a respected member of the community as you prepare for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. This course will gear your pet into an obedient member of the community.  Passing students will receive a certificate, rosette and bandanna.  Prerequisite Obedience I

Leash Walking 

Is your pleasant stroll around the block more like a tug-of-war? Gain control and master the skill of loose leashing walking. Practice amid varying distractions and acquire new skills while playing fun leash walking games.  4 week coarse.

New Dog Owner Workshops

(1 hour session for owners only)

Have you just adopted a dog? Do you plan to?  This 4 week class is for new or potential new dog owners.  For those choosing a dog, selection will be discussed.  Adoption vs. Breeders.  How to select a dog/puppy for your family.  What breed is right for you.  How to prepare for the new arrival.  Equipment you will need and the advantages of training.  Have all of the classes already started? This orientation seminar will get you started on the right foot. Learn about positive reinforcement training.  Learn how to prevent/resolve common behavior issues, e.g. house soiling, jumping, nipping, etc. Ask questions to the trainer

Agility I Beginner Level  

An introduction to the popular and exciting sport of Agility. Learn the proper way to perform obstacles such as the A-Frame, Dog Walk, Tunnels, Teeter Totter, and more. Agility is fun for you and your dog, builds confidence, and helps create a working relationship with your dog. Prerequisites: Basic Obedience

Agility II 

Continues to build your Agility skills by learning improved handling and control, working at a greater distance, off-leash control and putting obstacles together.
THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION COURSE. Prerequisites: Basic Obedience & Agility I

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