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For whatever reason your pet needs to stay home while you are away.  We will provide dependable, affordable daily care that allows you peace of mind while you are gone. We pet sitting in a 15 mile radius around our facility. Our pet sitting services includes potty breaks, feeding, watering, exercise, pampering, and litter box/yard cleanup, retrieving mail, and switching on/off security lighting.  We recommend 3 daily visits for adult dogs, and 1 for cats.  Puppies or seniors may require more visits.

Extra services available:

  • Administering medication
  • Photos of your pet taken by our staff
  • Watering the plants
  • Report Cards-so you what your friend did while you were away
  • Activity Outings - car rides, swims

A day of playtime - We will bring your dog to our facility for a day of fun with us and other dogs, or just for extra supervision upon request.  This is a great way for your dog to pass the time you are gone, or for young puppies and exuberant dogs who need additional exercise and stimulation.  Your pet is returned home for dinner and bedtime.

We also offer training lessons where we will work on a 1 hour lesson with your dog for better behavior. How about a grooming before you arrive home? We will deliver your pet to our facility for a professional grooming. In need of any touch up services? Like nails clipped, ears cleaned or brushouts? We can do this at your home!