Which package should I choose for my dog?
If you have young active and social dogs our Livin’ It Up is the one. Young and energetic dogs enjoy outside yard time socializing and playing with other dogs all day, and return to the kennel tired and happy for meals and bedtime. If you have older or more sedentary dogs or non social dogs choose our Comfort Living which allows for one on one yard turnout, to stretch legs and enjoy the outdoor scenery of our farm. Our Livin’ Large package includes all of the above plus a daily walk and yard turnout for all potty breaks, and the most individual attention. Please remember standard boarding includes an indoor/outdoor kennel separated by a doggie door, but no playtime. Dogs who are in a package stay have more stimulation, and a better overall experience. It is hard on spoiled housepets to be restricted in exercise without access to yard time.

What should I bring for my dogs stay?
Plenty of food in a plastic container or Ziploc bags. Always pack extra in case of travel delays or spillage. We have our own beds, and toys here. Favorite or irreplaceable items should be left at home. Snacks and non rawhide chews are welcome. If your dog takes medication in a certain cheese or lunchmeat, etc. Please provide. We can keep items refrigerated without a problem! As for food, please pack what you dog eats on a daily basis. It won’t work out well for meals if all we have is dry food, but there is bacon added each day at home. We want all guests to eat well daily.

Can my dogs stay together?
Yes, as long as they can eat peacefully next to each other without issues or arguments.  There is a weight limit on dogs together in one kennel.

Why is there scheduled drop off and pickup times?
Our dogs are in a daily routine. We try to minimize the daily disruptions to their schedule. Abiding by our designated hours is best for their comfort and rest. During Covid-19, appointment times also help us maintain social distancing, and not having too many people here at any given time.

Is there a fee for outside hours pickups and drop offs?
Yes, but this is meant for true emergencies, and is at the owner’s discretion.  There is a fee meant as a deterrent.

My dog takes medication, is this ok while he/she is at your facility?
Absolutely but please know we must know names of medication and dosage instructions to administer as directed.

Can my dog contract kennel cough?
Unfortunately yes. Bordatella vaccines are required here and is the best defense for dogs, but like a human flu vaccine there are many strains and the vaccine is not 100% effective. Dogs can get kennel cough anywhere other dogs shedding the virus go, your neighborhood, pet stores, dog parks, veterinarian, as well as kennels and daycares. Our ventilation, and cleaning protocol is meant to kill these pathogens on surfaces but since these are airborne there is no foolproof way to totally prevent transmission.

Does my dog need a grooming before pickup?
Yes! Our playgroups get down and dirty with each other, play in the pool and are encouraged to be dogs. A good clean up is done on pickup day so your dog arrives back home fresh, clean and tired upon your return. Standard boarding dogs getting dirty will depend on your dogs housetraining habits. Some are very clean, and others... well need bathing. We are happy to setup bathing and grooming for you.